OKCompute Analysis Framework

As part of my work at Swift Navigation I’ve done a lot of work analyzing the results of test runs and building CI frameworks to generate metrics or raise alarms based on the results. One of the challenges is that since the analysis is being performed on devices that are under development, they often create results that violate assumptions made by the analysis code. It can also be hard to trace through the analysis code and come up with the initial failure that led to a missing downstream result.

I made a generic framework to try to help with this sort of analysis.

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Diploma Frame

Finally got around to framing and hanging my undergraduate diploma. I originally wanted to do something a little more elaborate, but after so many years of gathering dust, I decided to just make a border of boards that I worked on (mostly college stuff).

Spirit Island Boardgame Helper

Over the holidays my wife and I had some fun playing Spirit Island. The game describes itself as “The cooperative settler-destruction strategy game”. As a fun project to refresh my Unity knowledge, I built a simple app for keeping track of some of the state. It’s pretty ugly since I just took some low quality photos of the board to use as the UI.


The development went much better then my previous Unity attempts. Looks like they’ve streamlined UI development since I last tried.


Visual Studio Code Multiline Find Extension

Visual Studio Code has been my text editor of choice for awhile. I enjoy that it’s a bit out of left field when it comes to the VIM vs Emacs debates. One feature that I’ve missed when compared to sublime is the ability to easily do find and replace on text segments that span multiple lines:  https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/15727

To finally contribute something back to one of these projects, I made a quick and dirty extension that partly added this functionality:



Wreath Pixel Display

This idea was based on the concept of making a “Sound Catcher” pixel display. I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time, but only recently made the time to put it together. I originally wanted to turn this into a display for ambient sound in the room, but ended up making it into a general audio display and clock.

The video starts off with the display in clock mode, before showing the FFT of a song being chromecast onto a TV. The audio out is sent to the display. I also use a web UI to change displays and set the brightness.

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New Scope

Quick demo of my new scope. I finally broke down and got one to help with an audio visualizer project I’m working on.