Switched to a new host

After having a flaky VPS host for a year or so decided to switch to a new slightly less flaky host. I tried to remove some of the weird custom cruft this site has built up to make this easier in the future, but it’s still suffered some inevitable bit rot and some of the formatting got perturbed. I didn’t bother reposting the Java applets this time, though I might actually post the source at some point.

Time Tagger App (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to document my work from start to finish on a project for a while, so I decided to try a screen capture program. I’ve used a bunch of different programs in the past, but I found that I had good luck with one called “Open Broadcaster Software”. It took a little playing with to get the settings reasonable, but I eventually got it working pretty well, and recorded myself setting up the environment and creating a very simple Pebble app:

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Infinity Mirror

Infinity mirrors are an optical illusion that gives the impression of a long corridor, by sandwiching some lights between two mirrored surfaces. I’ve been interested in trying to make a project using this affect, and wanted to do a simple test to see if the window tint I found would work. I was able to get a quick proof of concept working with relatively little effort.


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Blinky Statues

Over the holidays I wanted to come up with a simple project that could be somewhat streamlined for “mass production”. I’ve always liked working with clay and decided to make figurines with some circuitry embedded in them. Of course the circuit had to be functional , so I decided to go with a simple breathing LED controlled with a 555 timer.

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